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In the garden when the sun rose up and the light glittering, you saw some part of yourself reflecting in the water and its ripple a long with the water. That very exact moment when you have a chance to see both side of you.

Fluid Flair” is a collection from VINN PATARARIN in 2019. Equinox means the moment when the period of day time and night are the same. With this inspiration, we aims to experiment in new surfaces, materials and motifs which represent the new ideal of party-to-casual wear. The research go through fashion eras and more in reflection’s photography to develop the silhouettes in this collection. The moment of half reflection that creates asymmetry forms and technique along with the feeling of glittery that not only in night time but also in day time.

In this collection, The motif developed from reflection of water and light. We capture lines and space within the line and adapted them in to grid. The experimentation went on the process of how to use materials in cross-disciplanry and how to combine with cutting edge technology untill the materials and motifs effects to the collection both in glittery and non glittery.



Sharing is caring!